ESG and Impact Investing 2024 – the latest issue of Getting The Deal Through

The next edition of the acclaimed publication Getting The Deal Through: ESG and Impact Investing 2024 is now available. It is co-authored by experts from WKB’s ESG team: Anna Wyrzykowska, Marta Czarnecka and Sebastian Łyś.

Getting The Deal Through. ESG and Impact Investing is a comprehensive guide for comparing local legal and policy frameworks, obligations, commitments and best practices in selected countries. The publication also touches on the areas of ratings, incentives, the creation and operation of special purpose vehicles, state oversight, public procurement, government, non-government and supranational support, sources of funding, and recent trends. As part of the study, competition law experts from 11 jurisdictions around the world answer the same set of questions.

Our experts are the authors of the chapter on solutions adopted in Poland. We encourage you to read it online.

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