Member of the competition and consumer law team.

An expert in consumer law.

From 2003 to 2021, associated with the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, where from 2008 she was Deputy Director and then Director of the Department of Protection of Collective Consumer Interests. During the Polish Presidency, she was Vice-Chair of the Working Party on Consumer Protection and Information of the EU Council. She was also a member of the Consumer Protection Network (CPN) and CPC network – Consumer Protection Coordination Network. She was also responsible for supervising the system of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes.

She has extensive experience in the enforcement of consumer law and the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes.

In her professional career, she has worked for many years on a wide range of consumer legislation, in particular being responsible for government negotiations at the EU level, as well as for drafting and coordinating the legislative process of many national acts of fundamental importance for consumer protection.

She has experience in cooperating with consumer advocates, consumer organizations, organizations representing business interests, market regulators, and interdepartmental cooperation.

Author of several opinions, and legal analyses, including positions on preliminary questions and CJEU judgments, and co-author of numerous publications on consumer law.