He specializes in new technology law, with a particular focus on cyber security matters, cloud technology implementations, IT contracts, as well as financial sector regulation and banking law.  Author of publications on new technologies, technology outsourcing in the banking sector and the DORA regulation. 

At the firm, he is responsible for leading legal projects, including cloud technology implementations, drafting and negotiating IT contracts, regulatory advice on technology-based service and product implementations, advice on cyber security issues (KSCU, NIS and NIS2 Directive, DORA). Piotr also provides regulatory advice on new technologies to the most sensitive industries, including the energy market, the financial market, as well as IT providers on the regulatory aspects of the use of new technologies. 

He has participated in projects for the implementation of national and EU regulations as part of the adjustment of institutions’ internal regulations, as well as in procurement processes conducted in connection with the new regulations coming into force. He has extensive experience in advising public entities, and has advised government entities on, among other things, cyber security of the use of cloud technologies. 

Graduate of postgraduate studies Law of new technologies at Leon Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw. 

He advises a number of industry organizations, and among other things, he is a co-author of the public cloud purchase recommendations developed by the Polish Supply Management Leaders Association. 

Author of publications on the use of cloud computing, new technologies, technology outsourcing in the banking sector and the DORA regulation.